What is the status of Silky Sullivan's?

Silky Sullivan's will remain open until demolition begins. The new development will include an upscale, family-friendly restaurant that will continue to anchor and activate the northeast corner of Slater Avenue and San Mateo Street. This restaurant will offer all-day dining and a bar in a modern, relaxed space. Outdoor dining and a kiosk-style coffee shop are also planned.

What will the project consist of?

The proposed development includes apartment homes, a modern restaurant and bar, a café/coffee shop for both residents and those who live or work in the area, plenty of parking and highly desirable community amenities like a swimming pool, indoor driving range and a fitness center.

What are the sizes and bedroom configurations of units?

The proposed development includes studio units, one-, two-, and three-bedroom units from 600 - 1,450 square feet.

How many parking spaces will be provided for each unit?

Studio units will have one space, one-bedroom units will have one and a half spaces, two- and three- bedroom units will have two spaces. The development will also provide one and a half guest spaces for every four units. These parking standards are the same as those in the The Crossings Specific Plan.

How many parking spaces will be provided for the restaurant?

The proposed development plan provides seven spaces per 1,000 square feet of interior AND exterior restaurant space. This generous ratio is in excess of most other Fountain Valley restaurants and the requirements of the Crossings Specific Plan.

Will the development have enough parking for residents, residents’ guests and restaurant visitors?

Yes - there will be sufficient parking for the residents, their guests and the restaurants. The parking pressures currently observed around this site are caused by insufficient parking for the existing apartments north and east of the site. A parking management program can alleviate the overflow parking problem on every street near the corner of Slater Avenue and San Mateo Street. The proposed Slater Avenue development will provide enough on-site parking for residents and guests in a secure parking structure within the project (and thus not visible from the street).

When is construction expected to begin?

We hope to have entitlement approvals in spring 2022, building permits by mid-2023 (this is when construction is expected to begin). These dates are subject to change depending on the approvals process.

We’ve been dealing with traffic issues because of ongoing freeway renovations. How will you handle the resulting traffic issues?

Much of the traffic problems Fountain Valley residents are experiencing are the result of construction on the 405 freeway. Many Orange County commuters are using FV’s local streets to avoid the congestion caused by the construction. This is a temporary condition. Freeway widening will be complete in 2023. Construction of this project will not begin until after the 405 freeway improvements have been completed.

When will these units be available?

We hope to begin leasing in early 2025.

What will the rental costs be?

Rents will be determined closer to construction.

Will these units be for rent or purchase?

Our apartment homes will be for rent.

Why should Fountain Valley residents support this proposal?

The proposed development will contribute millions of dollars in property tax revenue, sales tax revenue and development fees to the community. These funds will then be available to expand and create new programs for the benefit of all Fountain Valley residents. The development will also provide new and existing residents with a forward-looking design and amenities that are in demand but not currently available in Fountain Valley. The Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA) mandated that Fountain Valley must provide zoning for 4,832 new residential units. Failure to comply will cost the City state funding on top of other penalties.